Monday, September 11, 2006

A Thought on 9/11

I consider myself lucky that I don't have much of a 9/11 story. Though I live in New York, no one I know was killed or injured; I was nowhere near the World Trade Center on that morning. The only difficulties I had to endure that day were roughly 30 minutes of fear--there were rumors that several planes were still unaccounted for and could attack at any moment--and a nervous trudge downtown on a sunny day. I didn't even have to walk all the way back to my home in Brooklyn--by the time I got to 14th St. the subway was running again. I am very fortunate.
One vivid and painful memory I do have is of the posters: handmade flyers with snapshots of men and women, sometimes posing with children or at office or Christmas parties, all asking, "Have you seen this person?" No one had seen them, of course. No one would ever see them again. Let's remember them today. No calls for renewing our vigilance against some self-created enemy, no accusations of unpatriotic behavior from false pundits. Remember those who lost their lives that day--those whose only mistake was showing up for work.

Paying His Respects

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Katrina Anniversary Post

Uneducated men are pitiless ...
Wisdom hurts.
--Euripides (Electra)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

NYC Anti-War Rally Photos

A few photos from Saturday's Troops Out Now protest in Times Square, New York City. There was a turnout of a few hundred people. Quite peaceful. Sadly, too many people pushing their own agendas. Not enough talk of peace. Too much talk about crushing Israel, crushing the Bush admin ... I just can't agree with this approach. Only one way to stop killing: Put down the guns. Eventually, what is required is that someone, everyone, put down his gun and say, "I'm not going to kill anymore." Every new death generates more death.

Still, a heartening event; there is passion about this. Will provide captions for photos later.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Summer of War

This is one of the saddest times I can think of for this world. If the summer of 1967 was the Summer of Love, summer 2006 is the Summer of War.
And who could have ever imagined that Hezbolla would look like the good guys?
Actually, there's no surprise in this:

The immortal gods have neither age nor death!
All other things almighty Time disquiets.
Earth wastes away; the body wastes away;
Faith dies; distrust is born.
And imperceptibly the spirit changes
Between a man and his friend, or between two cities.
For some men soon, for others in later time,
Their pleasure sickens; or love comes again.
--Sophocles (Oedipus at Colonus)

Change and stasis in every moment ...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Iran Nukes

Unintentionally or otherwise, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has dropped some very useful advice for Bush admin hawks. From the NYT:

"Our answer to those who are angry about Iran obtaining the full nuclear cycle is one phrase -- we say: Be angry and die of this anger," Mr. Ahmadinejad said late on Wednesday, the official IRNA news agency reported.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Al Gore 2008?

Would this video have changed the results of the 2000 presidential election? Who can say? It would have gone a long way toward humanizing Al Gore for voters who perceived him as stiff and impersonal. Director Spike Jonze followed the VP and his family around for a day during the 2000 campaign and captured this warm and genuine portrait with a small handheld camera. Shown at the 2000 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, though not televised, it was never shown again. A real shame. Well, not too late for 2008.
Seen at Kos.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Now ... and Then

Compare and contrast.

Dick Cheney (disputing notion that Iraq is descending into civil war, from today's NYT):

"Clearly there is an attempt under way by the terrorists, by Zarqawi and others, to foment civil war," he said, referring to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Al Qaeda's leader in Iraq. "That's been their strategy all along, but my view would be they've reached a stage of desperation from their standpoint."

Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf (former Iraqi Information Minister, in 2003, referring to ?):
"I triple guarantee you, there are no American soldiers in Baghdad."

Nah, no similarities there.

An Anniversary Message

From Steve Gilliard's mailbox.
Copy and post.


PARENTS! Help Your Children Enlist Today!
Let's all get involved, for America and for America's children!


Bill Frist: We are losing a battalion of soldiers in Iraq every month, killed and wounded. That's 500 to 600 fighting men who must be replaced. As a doctor, I know how important it is to care for our maimed and wounded. But our Army has plenty of medics. What we need are more soldiers to fight the enemy in the desert, on the roads, house to house.

I never served in the Armed Forces, but I want all my family to be part of the Global War on Terror. That's why Karyn and I will be personally driving our three sons, Harrison, Jonathan, and Bryan, to the recruiting office tomorrow. The Frist boys are going to take time from their college and high school studies to help our recruitment officers encourage America's eligible young people to join up.

Dick Cheney: When my country was at war in Vietnam, I had other priorities. I sacrificed my own chance at glory and avoided military service through a series of student deferments.

So lets all make sure America's young people can take advantage of this opportunity. I don't want my girls, Mary and Elizabeth, to miss out.

112 billion barrels of oil sit under the Iraqi desert. Osama bin Laden and Zarqawi want that oil: we can't let them get it.

Tom Delay: During the Vietnam War, so many minority youths had enlisted that there was literally no room for patriotic folks like myself.

There are still good paying military positions for people wanting to escape poverty and the ghetto. And we need soldiers now, willing to give their lives for our noble ideals. Put your manhood where your mouth is and enlist now!

Karl Rove: You'd have to be a hypocrite to claim to support the war, but not be willing for your kids to be doing the fighting and dying.

There are times when the good of our country has to come first. So I am proud to announce that the CIA will soon be training my son, Andrew Madison, in interrogation techniques.

George Bush: I spent two years in Texas learning to fly airplanes during the Vietnam War. Today's War on Terror is going to last for decades. So we are creating a new initiative to train our children—publicly funded Military Schools for our young ones all across our great nation.

I have asked my girls—Jenna and Barbara—to volunteer to help at the local recruitment centers in our nation's Capital. We're doing our part for America and for freedom!

Take your children to the nearest US Military Recruiting Office—TODAY!
Talk to your kids. Tell them how important military service is, and encourage them to enlist NOW.

Republican National Committee
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.
310 First Street, SE, Washington, DC 20003
Phone: 202 863-8747 Fax: 202 863-858