Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Holy Shit

Consider the source, but the National Enquirer has reported that President Bush has begun drinking again.

Faced with the biggest crisis of his political life, President Bush has hit the bottle again, The National Enquirer can reveal. ...

"When the levees broke in New Orleans, it apparently made him reach for a shot," said one insider. "He poured himself a Texas-sized shot of straight whiskey and tossed it back. The First Lady was shocked and shouted: "Stop George!" ...

A Washington source said: "The sad fact is that he has been sneaking drinks for weeks now. Laura may have only just caught him — but the word is his drinking has been going on for a while in the capital. He's been in a pressure cooker for months.
Tempting as it is to joke about, I'll just say it is a sad, sad thing, if true. When you're on the road, you always want the driver to be sober.

I saw this first at Steve Gilliard's excellent site, The News Blog.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The "Noble Cause"

Painful truth, from Cindy Sheehan's post on dKos:

We all now know the reason that we are in Iraq. George told us so from a break he was taking from Crawford in San Diego on the same day that Katrina was hitting the Gulf States: it is for oil. It is so George, Dick, and their evil buddies can rape more profits from our children's flesh and blood. This is not a Noble Cause, as a matter of fact, it is the most ignoble cause for a war that has ever been waged. We as Americans knew either in the front of our brains, or in the back of our consciousness, that this war was to feed the corporations. 15 brave young Americans have been killed so far this month while our attention has been focused, and rightfully so, on the Gulf States. Over 200 innocent and unfortunate Iraqis have been killed in this week alone. How much more blood are we as Americans going to allow George, Congress, and the corporations to spill before we demand an end to this war and an accounting for the lives that have been needlessly ruined?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

M + Sweet, juicy fruit, associated with Georgia or New Jersey + Bush

Forgive the headline. I know you probably already have the T-shirt. I haven't been blogging for a while. Tired, busy, shocked by recent events and trying to keep up with them. Thought this excellent diary from dKos was a good way to get back on track. Yes, the subject is the impeachment of W. First-rate work RenaRF. Wouldn't want anyone to miss it. The diarist also suggests you visit the Impeach Bush Coalition site.