Monday, September 11, 2006

A Thought on 9/11

I consider myself lucky that I don't have much of a 9/11 story. Though I live in New York, no one I know was killed or injured; I was nowhere near the World Trade Center on that morning. The only difficulties I had to endure that day were roughly 30 minutes of fear--there were rumors that several planes were still unaccounted for and could attack at any moment--and a nervous trudge downtown on a sunny day. I didn't even have to walk all the way back to my home in Brooklyn--by the time I got to 14th St. the subway was running again. I am very fortunate.
One vivid and painful memory I do have is of the posters: handmade flyers with snapshots of men and women, sometimes posing with children or at office or Christmas parties, all asking, "Have you seen this person?" No one had seen them, of course. No one would ever see them again. Let's remember them today. No calls for renewing our vigilance against some self-created enemy, no accusations of unpatriotic behavior from false pundits. Remember those who lost their lives that day--those whose only mistake was showing up for work.

Paying His Respects